Tortoise boarding

I offer tortoise boarding in Fareham, Hampshire. In addition to tortoise boarding I also offer boarding to rabbits and guinea pigs.

I offer boarding to herman, Horsefield, European spur, marginated tortoises.

Unfortunately I cannot offer boarding to the more tropical species of tortoise such as leopard tortoises, star tortoises, red footed tortoises, yellow footed tortoises. Due to the specialist care they require.

Unfortunately I am no longer able to take tortoise tables or vivariums. As you can appreciate these take up a lot of room, and unfortunately we no longer have this space available. All tortoises who stay here will sleep in a box of some sort provided by yourselves (small: cardboard, or plastic).

You will need to bring your tortoises light/s with you for their stay, especially during the winter months. This includes tortoises who usually use a tortoise table or vivarium at home. As they will not have a tortoise table or vivarium here, will still need their light/s from home. Unfortunately I cannot provide this equipment, if your tortoise isn’t hibernating or if the stay is before hibernation and you need them to stay awake during the stay, this will ensure they stay awake before hibernation. This would need to be on a stand or a clamp. That way I can either clamp it to something, or stand it where your tortoise will be spending their holiday. If they are not going outside.

I have fold up fabric playpens which your tortoise can spend time in during their stay. Either in the winter months or if it is wet, or colder days during the spring/summer. During the spring/summer they should be in their own run area outside. But sometimes due to wet or colder weather, they will be able to have access to one of the playpens instead. I can use these so they have somewhere safe and secure to walk around. I can clamp their lights to something (if the lights come with a clamp) or if the lights are on a stand, place it so it is over the inside of the playpen, for your tortoise to enjoy basking under.

Thank you for your understanding.

While your tortoise is staying with us, they will experience a home from home where they will be a part of the family. We want them to feel at home and so keep to a daily routine where they will be happy, healthy and comfortable. As a tortoise owner myself I have the knowledge on tortoise care and their everyday needs and requirements.

We understand how important it is to keep an eye on how hot it becomes especially during the summer months. We take great care to ensure animals don’t overheat. All animals will be in the garden all day to ensure they get enough exercise and fun and also to make sure they are cool enough, where they will be supervised regularly.

As part of the boarding service, I can send you photos of your pets while they are staying with us. Even if you do not check your e-mails until you get home, they will be waiting for you to see. This is at no extra cost.

If you do not have an e-mail and have a mobile phone I can text you to let you know how your pet is getting on.

This is also at no extra cost.


The care your tortoise receives while staying with us includes:

  • Fresh water every day (in enclosure to drink, and a chance to have a drink in their own personal bath at the end of a long day).
  • Bath time for messy tortoises (if needed/required) They also have their own personal drying towel for their stay. These are washed in the washing machine and dried before being used again.
  • Daily vegetables (depending on individual requirements). This included weeds being picked freshly from the garden.
  • Any other food (if any)
  • Bed cleaned out daily
  • Run area cleaned out daily
  • Run and items in run are cleaned and disinfected (Anigene disinfectant) during stay and at the end of each guests stay.
  • Handling
  • Daily health check
  • Inside playtime/outside in the summer time (if allowed) Please click here for tortoise run photos.
  • All pets will have their own individual run which they will go out in daily (depending on weather) . This will be used exclusively by them and them alone. This means that all guests will not have to wait for a turn in the garden each day.
  • Shell care (if requested/required)
  • I can administer certain medication but please check with me what medication your pet requires, and how it is administered. I need to know this before a booking can be made.
  • All tortoises will have an hide to shelter in if they wish, aswell as a sunshade put on top of part of the run area.
  • All tortoises are brought in at night, and will sleep in their boxes in the safety of the locked house. No tortoises will be left outside at night under any circumstances.

I provide outside runs for tortoises exercise during the day.

Please look on Boarding photos page to see the tortoise garden day runs available to tortoise guests.

Other points:

  • Any other needs/requirements can be discussed either by phone or e-mail. Unfortunately I cannot offer viewings for the time being.
  • All stays are subject to my conditions of stay which can be found by clicking on my conditions of stay page.
  • For details of my pricing please click on the pricing page.

A past customer review:

Hi Julia,
We just wanted to say a big thank you for having our tortoise Boris and turtles Austin, Morris, Husky and Musky as your guests while we were on holiday. We could tell from the tour of the garden how much you care for both your pets and guests and with the warm and friendly greeting that we had when we arrived we knew all would be well for the week.  We will be looking to use your services again in the future when the need arises.
Nigel and Carol Leake, North Hampshire