Due to a family bereavement I am currently taking a break from pet boarding. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding.


Dalarna lodge

Established: November 2010

Welcome to “Dalarna lodge” rabbit, guinea pig and tortoise holiday lodge in Fareham.

I offer Pet Boarding for small animals in Fareham, Hampshire (near to Portchester, Gosport, Portsmouth, Southampton, Southsea, Lee on Solent). I offer small pet boarding for your pets while you are away on holiday either for a short stay or long stay depending on your needs. I offer your pets a home from home where they are part of the family while they are here with us.

I offer the following pet boarding services:-
 guinea pig boarding,  rabbit boarding,  and tortoise boarding (herman, Horsefield, European spur, marginated).

Please click on the appropriate link at the top of the page for further information.

As part of the boarding service, I can send you photos of your pet/s while they are staying with us. Even if you do not check your e-mails until you get home, they will be there waiting for you to see. This is at no extra cost.

If you do not have an e-mail but have a mobile phone, I can text you to let you know how your pet is getting on. This is also at no extra cost.

Please note: I do not offer boarding to dogs or cats.

Vaccinations for rabbits

(R(V)HD) and VHD(2)

Please note: Without proof of up to date Vaccinations (yearly combi vaccine: myxi and Vhd1) and (VHD2) your rabbits will not be able to board with us. It is not worth the risk of illness or even death, if there was to be an out break. Even if your rabbit/s are house rabbits and do not go outside they can still catch VHD1, myxomatosis and VHD2. If you arrive without proof of your rabbits combination vaccinations (Myxi and VHD1) and (VHD2) being up to date, I will have to turn you away.

Please note: There is a new strain of VHD going around (VHD2 mentioned above). This is not covered by the yearly combination vaccination. You need to leave at least 2 weeks between getting your rabbit vaccinated for the yearly combination vaccination and the VHD2 vaccination. All rabbits boarding here will need to be up to date with this vaccination in order to stay here (as well as the yearly combi vaccine) and I would need to see proof of this in the form of a vaccination certificate/s. As with the other vaccination, without proof of this being in date for the whole stay, I would have to turn you away.


There are now vets who are offering a new 3 in one vaccine. So this would be the myxi, Vhd1 and vhd2 in one yearly vaccine. This is called the NOBIVAC MYXO-RHD PLUS. Please check with your vet first.

Follow up customer review:

Thank you for looking after Jimmy, Maggie and the guineas again.  We could see from the photos you emailed that they were very happy and content staying with you as usual.

Many thanks for taking such good care of them and for giving the guineas a bath !

See you soon.

Diane and Steve, Fareham.

Picking up/Dropping off hours (by prior arrangement):

From Monday to Friday: 9.00am – 6.30pm.

On Saturdays and Sundays: 9.00am – midday and then 3.00pm – 6.30pm