Conditions of stay

Dalarna lodge opening hours are:

Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 6.30pm

Saturdays and Sundays: 9.00am – 12.00 and 3.00pm – 6.30pm

When booking your pet in for boarding I will need to know a bringing and collecting time. I need to know a specific time and do not offer time slots. I am more then likely to have other people coming on the same day as you, so times depend on when I have other people coming.

I understand sometimes things do not go to plan and you may be running late or stuck in traffic etc. If this does happen please ring me on my home phone to let me know, do not email me as I may not check my email until after you have collected your pet later on.

If you can not make it back to collect your pet on the arranged pick up day, please phone me on my home phone, before you are due to pick your pet up to let me know. Although some of the time I will be able to look after your pet for longer. Sometimes I will need the space or hutch for the next guests, so where I can help I will but sometimes I might need an emergency contact to pick up your pet or if I can accommodate your pet in a run inside for the night, I will.

Please do not assume I will have the space for your pet for a longer amount of time, without checking first. I will do what I can to help. Please phone with plenty of time to spare so I can arrange your pets extra night(s) accommodation with us. If you phone us and we do no answer please leave a message with your name and number, to let us know the situation and we will get back to you. Until you have spoken to me, extended accommodation has not been agreed.

If you return early from your holiday and wish to rearrange to pick your pet/s up earlier, you are still liable for the full boarding fees, as time of booking.

To ensure the health and welfare of all pets the following conditions apply to all bookings:

  • To keep my charges low to you, you must provide all bedding, hay and dry pellets for all of your pets stay. There will be an extra charge if you do not bring these items, or if any of the items run out during your pets stay.
  • All rabbits must have proof of their vaccinations against Myxomatosis and VHD before any agreement can be signed. You will need to bring their vaccination certificates on the day of their arrival if your rabbits are to stay with us. If you come to view before booking you can bring their vaccination certificates for me to see if they will still be in date for their stay.
  • All animals can bring toys they would use at home. However I do have toys which can be used for their stay.
  • Water bottles and bowls are provided by us, but if you prefer to bring your own from home you can.
  • Owners are recommended to view the accommodation and facilities before boarding their animals. We will discuss all your animals needs and requirements before the start of their board. However viewing is not compulsory and it is completely up to you as to whether you view first.
  • Payment is made by cash or cheque only, on day of arrival.
  • You may be asked to pay a 50% non refundable deposit before your pets stay(new customers). This will need to be paid before a space is guaranteed to you, especially on busier times of the year where spaces can become limited quicker. Until a deposit is paid, the space has not been secured. If somebody else was to come along and pay a deposit needing your space, they would get priority. If you need to cancel the booking for whatever reason, you will not be refunded the non refundable deposit. Regardless of the reason for cancellation or how long before the stay the cancellation takes place.
  • If you return early from your holiday and wish to rearrange to pick your pet/s up earlier than originally arranged, you are still liable for the full boarding fees, as agreed at the time of booking.
  • We provide any fruit or vegetables required for your pets stay. This is at no extra cost to you.
  • If you decide to board with us you will be asked to fill out a care information form, and some agreement forms which need to be signed, by both yourself and me. This is so the best care can be given to your pets while your pets are staying with us.
  • You must inform me of any medical conditions or any other health issue(s) affecting your pet(s) at the time of booking. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your booking. If you become aware of any medical conditions or health issue(s) after booking, you must inform me straightaway. I reserve the right to cancel a booking when I am not informed of all relevant information or to cancel a booking if informed of a condition after booking. Unfortunately, non-refundable deposits will not be refunded in these circumstances. (Usually disclosing a condition will not result in cancellation or the refusal of a booking, but I need to be aware of all relevant information).
  • I am unable to accept any bookings for pet(s) affected by fleas or other parasites even if they are being treated for such condition(s). All bookings are conditional on pet(s) being free of fleas and other parasites and full information being provided to me concerning any of these issues. Non-refundable deposits will not be refunded in these circumstances. This is for the benefit of the welfare of all pets staying here.
  • In the event of you reducing the amount of days for a booking (regardless of the reason and after a booking has already been made) where less than 21 days notice has been given to me before the stay was due to begin (not including the first day of boarding). You will still be charged for the full price agreed at time of booking. As you can appreciate I have put that space/s by for your pets and it can affect other booking, where even a day different could mean me having to turn somebody else away unnecessarily. This does not include when dates need to be changed but will be the same amount of days or more (eg: flights changed: a day later bringing but a day later picking up, for example).
  • In the event of bonded animals such as rabbits or guinea pigs needing to be separated during their stay (due to fighting for example), you will be charged the extra on your return, due to different pricing for animals who live separately and animals who live together.

 To contact me about my small pet boarding in Fareham my details are:

Julia Wardle

43 Miller Drive, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 7LY


Tel: 01329 234648