Rabbit and guinea pig boarding


Rabbit and guinea pig boarding

I offer rabbit and guinea pig boarding in Fareham, Hampshire. Below are some details about my rabbit boarding services.

While your rabbit or guinea pig is staying with us, they will experience a home from home where they will be part of the family. We want them to feel at home and so keep to a daily routine where they will be happy, healthy and comfortable.

We understand how important it is to keep an eye on how hot it may become especially during the summer months. We take great care to ensure all animals don’t overheat. All animals will be in the garden all day to ensure they get enough exercise and fun and also to ensure they are cool enough, where they will be supervised regulary.

As part of the boarding service, I can send you photos of your pets while they are staying with us. Even if you do not check your e-mails until you get back home, they will be there waiting for you to see. This is at no extra cost.

If you do not have an e-mail and have a mobile phone I can text you to let you know how your pets are getting on.

This is also at no extra cost.

The care your rabbit or guinea pig will receive while staying with us includes:

  • Fresh water everyday
  • Fresh hay twice daily
  • Dry food/pellets (depending on individual needs)
  • Fruit and Vegetables (Depending on individual needs)
  • Hutch cleaned out daily and washed weekly
  • Run cleaned daily
  • Handling/cuddles
  • Grooming (if required)
  • Daily health check
  • Garden time (depending on weather)
  • All pets will have their own individual run which they will go out in daily. This will be used exclusively by them and them alone. This means that all guests will not have to wait for a turn in the garden each day.
  • Bath time (if requested by you)
  • Medication (at no extra cost) I can administer certain medication but please check with me what medication your pet requires, and how it is administered. I need to know this before a booking can be made.

If your rabbit or guinea pig needs a bath while they are staying with us, please bring the pet shampoo you would use on them at home and we will be able to bath them for you, it will cost £3.00 per animal if you would like them to have a bath while they are here.

I am sorry but I cannot cut nails, so if you need them to be cut before their stay please ask a vet or somebody you know who is experienced in trimming to do this for you.

 Other points:

  • Any toys can be supplied by us, however if you prefer you are welcome to bring toys from home.
  • Any fruit and vegetables for your rabbit can be supplied by us at no extra cost.
  • We provide water bottles and bowls, however if you prefer you can bring your own from home you are more then welcome.
  • You need to bring enough hay for the whole stay (for both in the garden and in their hutch) or you will be charged for any hay we have had to provide on your return(see prices page).
  • If your rabbit or guinea pig uses a litter tray at home and you would like them to use it while staying with us, please bring it along for their stay.
  • Enough bedding needs to be brought for your rabbits and guinea pigs stay or we will charge you for any we have had to provide on your return (please see prices page)
  • You need to provide enough nugget food for your pets stay.
  • All other needs/requirements can be discussed by either phone, e-mail or in person.
  • All stays are subject to my conditions of stay which can be found on my conditions of stay page
  • For details of my pricing please click on my prices page
  • Unfortunately I cannot accommodate rabbits or guinea pigs inside the house.


Please note: Without proof of up to date Vaccinations (yearly combo vaccine) your rabbits will not be able to board with us. It is not worth the risk of illness or even death, if there was to be an out break. Even if your rabbit/s are house rabbits and do not go outside they can still catch VHD or myxomatosis. If you arrive without proof of your rabbits combination vaccinations being up to date, I will have to turn you away.


There is a new strain of VHD going around. This is not covered by the yearly combination vaccination. It is recommended you ask your vet about getting your rabbit(s) covered for this, as you may need to go on a waiting list. You need to leave at least 2 weeks between getting your rabbit vaccinated for the yearly combination vaccination and the new VHD2 vaccination.


“Dear Julia, We want to thank you for the excellent care you provided for Dexter. He has always been happy with you and got to know you so well. Your care and attention is clearly visible as he always returns to us content, calm and well looked after. Thank you for bailing us out when we needed you at short notice and all the lovely photos. We recommend you highly to anyone looking for someone to care for and love their pet, like they do. Thanks for the information about the new VHD vaccine…you got to us before the Vet !!😊 Best wishes Pam and Barry Cullen “

From Pam and Barry Cullen

“We highly recommend Julia’s pet boarding! Julia is meticulous in checking all of the little details including times for daily feeds and vaccination records and makes sure that your pet’s daily routine is disrupted as little as possible. We loved receiving photos and an update of how our rabbits were getting on while we were on holiday. Our bunnies were treated to a whole variety of fresh veggies each day and they enjoyed spending all day in the runs. Julia is really knowledgeable and her passion and enthusiasm for taking care of her guests shines through every time we visit. We have always felt that our pets are in safe hands with Julia and our rabbits have always been content and relaxed when we returned to pick them up. Thank you very much Julia!”

From Keri and George Blanchard

To contact me about my rabbit boarding service in Fareham my details are:

Julia Wardle

43 Miller Drive, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 7LY

E-mail: irish_eyes_65@hotmail.com

Tel: 01329 234648