Pet boarding details


Below is some general information about my pet boarding services, but for specific information on specific animals I offer boarding for, please click on the relevant link above or feel free to contact me.

As part of the boarding service I can send you photos of your pets while they are staying with us. Even if you do not check your e-mails until you get home they will be waiting for you to see. This is at no extra cost.

I offer boarding to guinea pigs, rabbits and tortoises.

We understand how important it is to keep an eye on how hot it may become especially during the summer months. We take great care to ensure animals do not overheat. All animals will be in the garden all day to ensure they get enough exercise and fun and also to make sure they are cool enough, where they will be supervised regularly.

My boarding facilities offer the following:

  • I offer limited spaces to ensure I offer a personal service to meet all the animals’ needs.
  • Accommodation is fully enclosed in a well ventilated shed. The guest accommodation is securely locked at night to ensure the safety and security of all guests. Hutches are covered up at night with blankets, so all guests feel secure and have more privacy.
  • Bottles are cleaned thoroughly after every stay. Each guest has their own name/s taped onto their bottle so they are not mixed up with other guests bottles. This is to prevent cross infection.
  • Bowls, litter trays, and toys are cleaned on a daily basis. Litter trays, buckets, toys, and bowls are thoroughly cleaned with hot soapy water after guests go home, and disinfected (Anigene disinfectant)  ready for the next guests to use.
  • Hutches and cages are washed thoroughly and sprayed with pet friendly disinfectant weekly (Anigene disinfectant) and spot cleaned everyday.
  • Hutches/cages are cleaned thoroughly after every visit with hot soapy water to prevent the spread of infection. They are sprayed with pet friendly disinfectant (Anigene disinfectant). All hutches and cages are completely dry before the next guests go in them.
  • Runs are cleaned everyday after guests go back to their hutches in the evenings, so high hygiene standards are adhered to. Each guest has their own bucket, these are used exclusively for that guest/s. These are thoroughly cleaned with hot soapy water, and discinfected (Anigene disinfectant) in between guests using them. The guests name/s are put on the bucket to ensure they do not get mixed up with other guests buckets.
  • All runs and huts, are thoroughly cleaned with hot soapy water, after every visit to prevent the spread of infection. The huts and areas the runs are standing on are thoroughly washed so that the areas are thoroughly clean for whoever is next on that area of the garden. Runs are moved so that every inch of ground is thoroughly washed before being put back. They are then disinfected (Anigene disinfectant). We make sure all run areas, and toys are completely dry before the next guest uses them.
  • Depending on weather conditions, all animals are exercised daily in runs outside. If there is rain, then runs will be covered over with waterproof sheeting, so pets can enjoy the outside but keep dry at the same time. In the event of torrential rain/thunderstorms, all animals will be returned to their hutches or in the event of tortoises the house.
  • In very hot weather, all animals will have adequate shade. Not only with a hut area they can shelter in, but with sunshades covering their run area. I also make sure all animals have water not only in their water bottles, but also in a bowl in their run (tortoises aswell).
  • Animals are allocated spacious housing and a run, which are used exclusively by the individual animals.
  • All animals have daily interaction and handling.
  • All fruit and vegetables are provided by us on a daily basis depending on your pets individual needs (rabbits, guinea pigs and tortoises)
  • I am located 10 minuits from a veterinary practice, with which we are registered.
  • You will need to provide enough hay for your pets whole stay (for both in their hutch and in their run, rabbits and guinea pigs) or you will be charged a small fee when you collect.
  • You will need to provide enough bedding for your pets stay or you will be charged a small fee when you collect.
  • You will provide your pets normal dry nuggets/muesli food.
  • Any food such as hay, vegetables and pellets will be given daily as requested by you.
  • When you bring your tortoise to stay you need to provide  a box of some sort for them to sleep in at night. This only needs to be a cardboard, wooden or plastic box.
  • I provide outside runs for tortoises exercise during the day.
  • Each tortoise has their own individual bath, which they will use at the end of each day, to have a drink and soak before bed. They are also given their own individual towel which I use to dry them.

When booking your pet in for boarding I will need to know a bringing and collecting time. I need to know a specific time, as I cannot offer time slots. I am more than likely to have other people coming on the same day as you, so times often depend on when I have other people coming.

I understand sometimes things do not go to plan and you may be running late or stuck in traffic etc. If this does happen please ring me on my home phone to let me know. Please do not email me, as it is very unlikely that I will check my email in time.

If you cannot make it back to collect your pet at the arranged pick up day, please phone me on my home phone before you are due to pick your pet up to let me know. Although some of the time I will be able to look after your pet for longer, sometimes I will need the space or hutch for the next guests. Please be aware that I do not necessarily have the space for your pet for a longer amount of time, so please check first. Where I can help I will, but sometimes I might need an emergency contact to pick up your pet or if I can accommodate your pet in a run inside for the night, I will.

If you phone us and we do not answer, please leave a message with your name and number, to let us know the situation and I will get back to you. Until you have spoken to me, extended accommodation has not been confirmed.

Thank you.